Story Telling and Fundraising

These days there are so many different types of stories –instagram, news, facebook, snapchat, linkedin, blogposts –people are engaged and communicating online more than ever. And in fundraising, it has become more and more important to engage with a compelling story for your cause. The following link is a great breakdown of types of narratives
for nonprofit fundraising as as shared by Shannon Pestka:

When you learn about the cause, the people behind the mission and how to engage, you discover the “why” behind the organization and then take action to support – as a volunteer sponsor or donor.

“Start with a character. People give to things with eyes. If you’re raising funds for something inanimate like a piece of equipment, research, or a department, give it a voice by telling the story from the perspective of a person that will be impacted.
 Every good story has conflict. This is what people will recognize as the villain facing your character.
 Inspire action! Always think about your appeal in terms of the phrase “With your help…” to bring the audience into the story as the hero.
 Make the ask. You’ve done a great job of inspiring your audience, now personally invite them to participate. By asking people to donate, share, and like your messages, you’re letting
them know exactly how they can become the hero in your story.  
 Continue the story. Remind people to check back for updates. The average successful fundraising initiative updates their audience at least 4 times during the life the effort. We know
that crowdfunding campaigns with regular updates raise 138% more than those without. Think of milestones and new details to keep your audience involved.”