4 Ways Design Can Help Your Nonprofit

4 Ways Design Can Help Your Nonprofit

Spending money on a graphic or web designer may seem like a luxury that your organization just can’t afford right now.  However, this article from Weidert Group outlines exactly why good design can be critical and worth the investment. 

Here are four ways that design is essential for the success of your non-profit:

  1. Attract attention.  It’s simple: potential donors are more likely to stop and read your message if it is nice to look at.  Well designed marketing materials are crucial for harnessing attention and interest.

  2. Establish a cohesive brand.  People are more likely to donate to an organization that they find familiar or recognize in some way.  The most common way for people to recognize your organization is through your logo, or even your color scheme.  A good graphic designer can help to ensure all your materials (including your website and social media) have a consistent look and feel, which will eventually bring recognition. 

  3. Increase your visibility.  Today, everyone organization is competing for attention, often on the same platforms.  You have to stand out.  A clear, well-designed message will reach more people.  On social media, you may get your posts shared or liked more often.  For print materials, someone will be less likely to toss your flier in the garbage if it has a strong look.

  4. Save time and money.  Investing in a good designer to make over your website or design a new package of marketing materials will not only bring in more donations, but it will save you time.  The staff at your organization have better ways to spend their time, whether it be fundraising, strategic planning, or engaging with the community.  Outsourcing to a designer means that they can use their expertise to save you time, and therefore money.  

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