Development Strategy Consultants (DSC) creates and implements customized fundraising plans for start-up to mid-size nonprofit organizations.

Start-up and mid-size nonprofit organizations have unique and challenging fundraising needs. DSC has the experience, expertise and skills to address those needs and challenges. DSC supports organizations by generating sustainable, long-term fundraising strategies, designing annual fundraising programs, cultivating infrastructure for development departments, and leading capital campaigns. Team members have worked as development directors, gift officers, special event managers, and leaders in the design and implementation of capital campaigns. They've been "down in the trenches" as fundraisers and supervised campaigns.

As a boutique firm, DSC prides itself on customizing services and providing the appropriate timely strategy to fulfill the nonprofit’s goals.

Our expertise includes:

  • Creating comprehensive development strategy for start-ups to mid-size nonprofits

  • Providing temporary in-house directors, major gifts officers, special event management and administration

  • Developing strategic plans for each organization's fundraising goals, including timelines, solicitation templates, and collateral materials

  • Designing capital campaign rationale, fundraising strategy, management, and implementation

  •  Overseeing event management organization and support for existing or new events including design, logistics, communication, committee management and event execution

  • Evaluating resource requirements by restructuring, hiring and coaching development staff as needed to maximize organizational success

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