As an organization grows, it will likely require community outreach, an established brand, board development, as well as fundraising and capital campaign implementation. DSC is dedicated to helping nonprofits accomplish their specific goals in all of these areas.  

With over a decade of extensive project experience, DSC has cultivated strong working relationships with a variety of experts who work with nonprofits. This growing network, along with its own members experience in the nonprofit sector, has created a firm dedicated to reducing overhead and eliminating ramp-up time, while maximizing results. At DSC, an experienced project manager ensures all project objectives are met in a timely and efficient manner. This a-la-carte approach allows for maximum flexibility within a project. As a nonprofit’s requirements evolve, DSC works with its clients on defining their requirements for success.

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Wendy has more than 12 years of nonprofit experience as Director of Development for multiple organizations. She has successfully led multiple capital campaigns and managed several boards and committees.

She utilizes her hands-on approach to create successful development strategies for nonprofit organizations in achieving their goals in fundraising, strategic planning and board development.

Her approach strengthens the development capacity and builds a foundation for long-term sustainable growth. Wendy has worked with nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes, ranging from those which provide large disaster relief to small grass-roots and start-ups.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies from Boston University.

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JUlie Helmes, Co-founder & Partner

Julie works with organizations to build more effective and efficient fundraising strategies. She believes that strategic thinking, clear communication, and an evolving plan are essential to the longevity and success of an organization. Julie creates and leads organizations through phases of growth by implementing the best tools and team to ensure long-term success.

Julie has worked with organizations in Los Angeles and Boston and has more than seven years of nonprofit development and project management experience. She has led the organization and execution of million-dollar fundraising events, built and managed committees, created and implemented successful donor cultivation strategies, and provided operational management for growing organizations.

Julie received a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Global Studies from The University of Vermont. | LinkedIn |



Kiana Alzate, CONSULTANT

Kiana provides strategic and creative problem-solving and initiates new community engagement to help clients diversify their fundraising plan. She manages the DSC Corporate Strategy program and provides operational and event management support.

Kiana has garnered strategic corporate partnerships through volunteer recruitment, ongoing engagement events and in-kind donation opportunities.  She has managed committees and recruited over 1,000 volunteers and mentors, and has led multiple recruitment and staff trainings for fundraising and events.

Kiana joins DSC with more than seven years of event management, partnership development and project management experience.  She has led and supported various onboarding, corporate philanthropy efforts and operational management for growing organizations. Kiana has worked with organizations in Los Angeles and Boston. Her prior experience is with Year Up, Build, and The Honest Company.

Kiana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies and Literary and Performance Arts from Brown University and has a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from the University of Southern California. | LinkedIn |


Michaela Flatley, Director of Communications & Design

Michaela offers clients her expertise in design, branding and communication strategies. She manages social media accounts, mass email communications and creates consistent branding across all platforms. Her excellent attention to detail and creative approach provides consistent and effective messaging to organizations. Michaela believes in the power of good design and how it transforms an organization’s brand.

Michaela has more than five years of graphic design and communications experience. She has consulted for various nonprofit organizations and has extensive experience designing marketing materials, training resources, databases and websites.  Previously, Michaela worked at the Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH).

Michaela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and Art History from Fordham University.  In addition to her graphic design and consulting work, Michaela is an accomplished artist. She is in her final year of graduate school for her Masters of Fine Arts, and exhibits her paintings throughout the country. You can view her paintings here. | LinkedIn |