Mittersill Race and Training Venue at Cannon Mountain (Mittersill)


The Franconia Ski Club, founded in 1933, is one of the oldest ski racing organizations in the United States. It operates at Cannon Mountain in Franconia, New Hampshire. The Ski Club's mission is to impart the joys of skiing and the life-long lessons of healthy competition to the children of its broad and open membership. Recently, the United States Ski Association designated Mittersill an “Official Training Site of the U.S. Ski Team”. Recognizing the critical need for a premier destination in the east for instruction, speed training and competition for future generations, the Ski Club has undertaken to create The Race & Training Venue at Mittersill.

Project Scope

The Ski Club contacted DSC to help develop and implement a capital campaign that would support the infrastructure enhancements necessary to ensure that Mittersill would fulfill its goal for the Race & Training Venue. Capital improvements include the creation of an alpine training and race venue, a T-Bar lift installation, trail widening, snowmaking, and the addition of a connector trail to Cannon Mountain.

Project Results

DSC developed a layered fundraising strategy that would help Cannon Mountain, The Ski Club, and Mittersill become a premier ski-racing destination. The first step was for the Ski Club to better understand its constituents and identify obstacles or challenges. This identification process helped DSC leverage the client’s current relationships, engage industry influencers in the discussion and development process of the project, and develop a targeted fundraising plan. To date, DSC has helped FSC raise $3 million -- 75% of the project goal. The Franconia Ski Club was able to open the venue in the 2016 season.

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