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Located in Palo Alto, CA SIRUM handles the logistics of medicine donation by matching the needs of clinics with the supply of health facilities. Using an innovative technology platform, SIRUM saves peoples’ lives by allowing health facilities, manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacies to donate unused medicine rather than destroy it.

Project Scope

Development Strategy Consultants (DSC) was brought-on to help establish a strategic development plan and spearhead its execution. Julie Helmes, served as the project lead managing the fundraising research, outreach, and planning. Additionally, in Fall 2016, she organized and managed the first board-hosted event.

SIRUM saves lives by connecting organizations with surplus medications to patients in need.  SIRUM has redistributed over 2 million pills, enough for over 150,000 patients. Their mission is is to get medication to every person who skips their prescription due to cost.

Julie has been a great addition to the SIRUM family during this transition from ad hoc development/fundraising to building some processes and evaluation to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, and ensuring we tackle development proactively,” said Kiah Williams, SIRUM co-founder.


The organization is now in a position to take their development effort in-house and DSC wishes them continued success.

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