"The unique needs of start-up and midsize nonprofits are best met by a boutique consultant firm offering a menu of customizable services."
- Wendy Jacobs, Founder of Development Strategy Consultants (DSC)

As an organization grows, it will likely require community outreach, an established brand, board development, as well as fundraising and capital campaign implementation. DSC is dedicated to helping nonprofits accomplish their specific goals in all of these areas.  

With over a decade of extensive project experience, DSC has cultivated strong working relationships with a variety of experts who work with nonprofits. This growing network, along with its own members experience in the nonprofit sector, has created a firm dedicated to reducing overhead and eliminating ramp-up time, while maximizing results. At DSC, an experienced project manager ensures all project objectives are met in a timely and efficient manner. This a-la-carte approach allows for maximum flexibility within a project. As a nonprofit’s requirements evolve, DSC works with its clients on defining their requirements for success. 

Wendy Jacobs brings many things to the table as a development consultant, but what stands out is her unique balance of creative strategic thinking and hands-on implementation. Furthermore, Wendy helped me, the new development director, to successfully transition into my new position during my first year on the job.
— Emily Smaldon, Director of Development Heading Home